19mm Silk Pillowcase

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-19 Momme 100 mulberry Silk, Glossy, Smooth, Soft
-Envelope Closure
-Double side 100 mulberry silk
- Price Is For One Pillowcase Only

JENNYSilk's 19mm 100 Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is soft, luxury, Smooth and have lots of benefits for health. Bring Wholenight Good Sleeping, Anti Wrinkles and Anti Againg.The Best Products for Allergy People. Silk includes 18 kinds of amino acid, almost same with humans,this cause almost no friction when sleeping on silk,in this case, no hurts for skin(Anti-Ageing), and pure silk fabric is breathable and a natural temperature regulator.


Why Sleeping on Silk?

  • Prevent sleep creases that eventually turn to wrinkles.
  • Prevent hair breakage and hair loss.
  • Hypo allergenic and does not attract dust mites.
  • Breathable and a natural temperature regulator.
  • Not absorb your night creams like cotton does.